A variety of associates come together for the Physician Advisory Board Meeting

On Jan. 16, 2019, Life Care Center of Plano, Texas, associates from a variety of positions attended the Physician Advisory Board Meeting to discuss their roles and challenges within the world of health care.


The 12 associates attended the meeting to share their successes and to discuss ways to overcome obstacles, with the ultimate goal of excellent patient and resident care in mind.


“This meeting saw physicians, providers, clinical team members and associates collaborating together to provide five-star care and services to our patients while executing the Life Care mission and core values,” said Monalisa Daniels, clinical liaison and meeting contributor.


The meeting covered a variety of topics, but focused on changes in health care, new initiatives to best serve patients and inclusion of more specialists at Life Care Center of Plano.


One important topic of discussion was Life Care Center of Plano’s percentage of patients that have to return to the hospital during their stay at the facility. The group discussed ways to keep this percentage down in order to keep residents from needing additional trips to the hospital. They discussed the inclusion of new medical specialists, certifications and collaboration across departments to provide excellent and multi-faceted care.


The board meeting also discussed ways to effectively collaborate between departments and the best ways to conduct future Physician Advisory Board Meetings in order to continually maximize the quality of care at Life Care Center of Plano.